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Let us create, imagine together an approach original, single, dare the colors and design atypical universes and environments. I propose to share this search for imaginary with you, to personalize your house, your professional buildings. Around a will of joint project, of reflexion and plastic proposals relative to my advance, I work by creating a bond between the individual, creation and the city. A setting in plastic scene of space, creation of places, déco, places redrawn, diverted, installation of ideas to create new spaces of life. Plastics technician, painter, photographer, I work on the graphic expressions of the street, the city, of the life, reinventing our daily newspaper, trying out various ways related to painting. I use all possible light and the transparency, exploring with each intervention a new artistic ground, an experimentation single, original, a connection with an informed public. Along a wall, on the palisades of a building site, with the turning of a lane, an intervention on a whole district. At the interior where the outside of the habitat, I integrate life in this environment chosen, creating an unexpected environment. Do not hesitate to ask me an estimate, nor to visit me.





Code of ethics.



The occupation of artist plastics technician includes extremely varied activities, each project is single, it is thus not possible to work out a standard model of the conditions of collaboration. So that the course of work is carried out in the best spirit, it is necessary that the parts agree on a contract without ambiguity which covers all the aspects of work. It is of primary importance that subjects as important as the rights and the obligations respective of each part, the property of the royalties, the date and the delivery of the plans, models and other elements technical the terms of payment are specified in a clear way.


1.Definition of the service :

In the detailed estimate, the intervention breaks up as follows :

a) lump sum including the notes of expenses.

b) fees contractual of creation. All new study involving of new fees.

c) the preparation of the wall is the responsibility of the customer, before our intervention. Are added the material expenses, scaffolding, baches, paintings... as well as the wages of possible executants.


2.Payments :


Order : 30%

With starting and during the realization : 50%  by stages according to the importance of the relization.

With the reception : 20%


The amounts of the contractual fees relate to the importance of the project: an interior wall of 5 m2 or a frontage external of 300 m2 cannot give place to a standard estimate, a detailed description of the service will be communicated to the customer at the time of the contractual agreement.

Prices (workshop) of the tables, they correspond to a price range going from: 1000 to 10000 euros, the prices vary according to the formats, (for example a fabric of 30 F: 92x73 cm, is worth: 4000 euros) of course painted walls, and the urban interventions, are carried out on estimate. The prices of the paintings do not include postage.


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